Composite Matrix Resin

Effortless to work with, and finishing edges is easy and smooth

Composite Matrix Resin is being replaced by EAR1 Resin

EAR1 Resin utilizes the same formula and is the same epoxy acrylic resin as the Paceline® Composite Matrix Resin.

EAR1 Resin uses a paste promoter, however the traditional Paceline® Powder Promoter will work as well.

  • Complements carbon and fiberglass materials
  • Easy to work with during laminations
  • Saturates lay up materials easily because of its low viscosity
  • Available in 4 Gallon boxes
  • No Hazmat fees
  • Powder promoter is easy to mix
  • Up to a 1 year shelf life

100% Money Back Guarantee!

All Paceline Resins come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Upon using, if you are not 100% satisfied, call your distributor for a full refund.