Upper Extremity Liners

Fracture socks for a wide variety of applications

  • Perfect as liners under fracture braces.
  • Excellent option under hand and wrist splints
  • Available in black, natural cotton, a cotton/Lycra® blend along with cotton and polyester terry.
  • A faster, easier alternative to regular stockinette under casts.
  • The cotton/Lycra® versions provide an even smoother, wrinkle-free fit under a brace or cast
  • Due to their natural elasticity, one size fits most patients
Paceline Fracture Socks
Polyester Terry Hand-Thumb-Forearm
Paceline Fracture Socks
Black Cotton Hand-Wrist-Thumb
Paceline Fracture Socks
Bleached Cotton/Lycra Hand-Thumb-Forearm