With over 35 years of knitting experience within the medical field, Paceline® now offers a selection of ear loop fabric for surgical facemasks and facial protection.


Ear Loop Material

Sourced from the highest grade materials, Paceline ear loop is made from a combination of polyester and spandex yarns.  Polyester and spandex filaments are eco-friendly and have no smell.


Flat Ear Loop
Round Ear Loop

Ear Loop Sizes & Options

Paceline® Ear Loop comes in both Round Ear Loop, and Flat Ear Loop.   Diameter specifications can be customized in accordance to a customers requirements.


Paceline® Ear Loop comes standard in white color, however a variety of colors can be achieved through color customization in accordance with our customers desires.


Both Paceline’s Round Ear Loop & Flat Ear Loop can be applied to a variety of disposable face masks, medical multi-use and disposable masks, childrens masks and surgical protective masks.


Ear Loop Packaging

Paceline® Ear Loop is typically packaged by weight, and can be supplied  within a bag, box or on a spool.


Ear Loop Manufacturing

All Paceline® Ear Loop products utilize a manufacturing process that has FULL lot traceability for your convenience.


Our Ear Loop manufacturing process utilizes a strict quality control process to ensure that your product arrives at the highest level of quality.



Ear Loop Spool