Private Label Programs

If you need a tubular fabric or a finished knitted product with private label packaging, Paceline will work with you to provide the solution you need.  Just a few examples of private label programs offered include stockinette, tubular elastic bandages, and elastic supports.  We will work with you to customize the type of packaging you need, from boxes to plastic bags with inserts, to just about any solution you need.

Success Stories:

  • A large manufacturer of compression therapy products needed a series of custom socks and sleeves in private label packaging.  We worked with them to design a full line of socks and sleeves that we packaged with labels designed specifically for the client.  In this situation, we also incorporated an inventory management program into the solution to provide the customer a cost effective solution that fit their specific needs.
  • A large casting materials supplier needed private label stockinette to go with their casting materials.  We worked out an agreement to stock custom printed boxes and to supply our high quality stockinette in those boxes.  By coming to an agreement with the customer to hold a certain number of boxes on hand, we were able to provide a cost effective solution and timely delivery of the product.

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