New Product Development

We work with clients who need specialized tubular knit fabrics and products for medical applications.  Our expertise lies in developing tubular fabrics ranging from less than 1 inch in width up to 20 inches in width for a wide variety of  uses.  Applications for our fabrics include covering arms and legs, bonding to substrates, being coated with resins and much more.  We will work with you to develop the specialty knitted fabric or product that your application calls for.  If you need more than just a knitted fabric, we can easily incorporate our other production areas of cutting, sewing, image application, and packaging into the final solution.

Paceline’s product development process starts with information gathering.  We’ll spend time discussing your needs to clearly define the goal and scope of the project.  Next we’ll work with our internal staff as well as with an array of raw material vendors to determine the best way to provide the product you need.  Then we’ll propose a solution to you, make changes to the plan if needed,  and provide samples for approval.

Success Stories:

  1. A large manufacturer of compression therapy products needed a series of socks and sleeves that were comfortable, soft, and effective.  We worked with our client to design a full line of almost 40 different seamless knitted socks and sleeves that had the amount of stretch needed to fit their unique customer base.  At the client’s request, we added antimicrobial agents to the products to reduce odor and itching.  We also incorporated private label packaging and inventory management into the solution to provide the client a cost effective solution that fit their specific needs.
  2. A large manufacturer of prosthetic devices needed a fabric that would work as an effective cover for their prosthetic liner.  We worked with our client to develop a new fabric that would bond well to their liner substrate, have the right amount of stretch, and have the right color and durability.
  3. A niche podiatry manufacturer needed socks that would absorb their resin to make molds of patient’s feet in order to create custom foot orthotics.  We designed socks that would absorb their resin, but that would resist absorbing water.  The socks also had to be manufactured to conform to specific parts of the foot to achieve the accurate impression needed to make an effective foot orthotic.  Furthermore, we thickened the socks in specific areas to help the socks absorb extra resin in those areas to make accurate foot molds.

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