Paceline Manufacturers PPE Surgical Gown Cuffs In Response To Covid-19

Paceline, a leading provider of quality medical products and solutions, continues to expand their product line for the fight against the Coronavirus [COVID-19].

According to Paceline Director of Sales, David Glontz, they continue to see needs within the medical community as we fight with COVID-19.

“With our 30+ years as a medical products manufacturer, we knew that we could help other medical manufacturers who are creating personal protective equipment [PPE] to fight Coronavirus” said Glontz.  “With our experience in medical industry and the manufacturing capabilities that we have, it was just a matter of finding out who needed the help and let them know we were there to lend a hand.”

“Upon searching, we found that there is a need for additional PPE hospital and surgical gowns.    And, it just happens that a part of the gown that we are very adapt at making is the surgical gown cuffs” continues Glontz.  “And we are proud to say that Paceline is now manufacturing those hospital gown cuffs for U.S. PPE manufacturers.  It’s just another way that we are able to lend our expertise in the fight against this pandemic.”