Paceline Provides Ear Loop Fabric for Surgical Masks for Covid-19



Paceline, a leading provider of quality medical products and solutions, has joined the fight against the Coronavirus [COVID-19].

According to Paceline President & CEO, Joe Davant, they saw a need within the medical community and felt compelled to lend their years of expertise within the medical fabrics industry to help wherever possible.

“As a medical products manufacturer, we wanted to find a way to help those on the front lines fighting the Coronavirus, which is affecting all of us.” said Davant.  “Part of our business model is to deliver custom solutions for businesses in need of solving a problem.   With our years of knowledge in the medical fabrics industry, we reached out to the nation’s largest surgical mask manufacturer to see if we could lend them support.”

“We found they had a tremendous need for ear loop fabric, which is the material that holds the surgical mask onto the face.  We said we wanted to help be part of the solution.” continues Davant.  “And we are proud to say that with recently purchased machines for this specific project, 100% of the fabric made on those machines will be going to surgical mask manufacturers.  It’s extremely gratifying to know that our employees are helping save lives with the ear loop fabric we are making here at Paceline.”